Nasal polyps are growths in the nasal cavity and these are normally like small grapes in terms of shape.  They can bring about breathing issues, wheezing, sinus aggravation, loss of smell, loss of taste and even insomnia. Some of these conditions can be quite serious. These growths are either brow or yellowish in color. The size of the growths is normally small, but in some cases it can be as big as a grape.

Although the growths are indeed very troublesome for the sufferer but in many cases these can be treated with natural treatments that are proven to work. In fact thousands of people get cured by following some of the natural treatments that we are going to discuss in this article. More detailed info can be obtained from :

What are the natural treatment options?

One of the well known methods to get rid of the irritation and even stop the further formation of polyps is the rinsing of the nasal passage frequently. You can use a saline solution for rinsing. This is going to help in clearing the nasal obstructions, facilitate easy breathing and reduce the inflammation cased by nasal polyps.

Along with the rinse you also need to remember to keep the nasal passage clean generally. Many studies have indicated that people suffering from sinus problem have a much higher chance of getting polyps compared to others.

The second method to remove the irritation that accompanies nasal polyps is using tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is utilized for treating a lot of aliments. This oil has anti inflammatory properties and therefore it helps in reducing the irritation as well as the swelling of nasal polyps.

These natural methods do not involve the use of any medicines and therefore has no side effects. And secondly there is no surgery involved with the natural treatment.

Other Treatment Methods

If the natural treatment of nasal polyps does not work for you then the other option is the use of steroids and prescription drugs. Normally the steroid is ether in the form of a nasal spray or nasal drops.

Even prescription medicines do not provide a 100% guarantee for removal of nasal polyps. Many a times the drugs don’t work or perhaps cause some other side effect.

When prescription medicines also fail this can cause a lot of pain and frustration for the sufferer.


This is the extreme step that one may have to consider if nothing works. Yes, surgery is the option that can help to remove the polyps.

Once you undergo surgery you may have to take some preventive steps to avoid infection and other complications.

But let me tell you that almost 75% of people who undergo surgery do suffer from polyps again in the next few years. This statistic is based on data collected from thousands of patients that undergo nasal polyps surgery.

Many of the nasal polyps treatment options discussed in this article may seem simple and straightforward however it is always a good practice to consult a professional doctor before you start any home treatment.


Nasal Polyps Treatment Options

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